About Us

Established in 2007, SoCalBicycles.com is a relatively small retailer of previously owned bicycles. We do not ship, nor do we sell online. Local Riverside, California, (92508) test rides, inspections, pick-up, and payment. All bicycles are completely refurbished and ready to ride. Please phone for an appointment and a free test ride. We accept: VISA, MasterCard, and cash, sorry no checks. Or use our layaway program—no cost and no fees.

Many of our customers are just getting reacquainted to the fun and excitement of cycling. Others are looking for an alternative to the expensive retail bike shops that only sell new bicycles. Some are in need of basic and simple transportation, while still others are looking for a fun, yet a functional and trustworthy new or used bicycle. All of our previously owned bikes have been fully inspected for damage or non-working components—then as needed, painstakingly brought back to life with complete restoration. Prior to sale, all are fully restored to original manufactures’ working order. Some of course have required more work and replacement parts than others. A few have needed very little. We have posted important information and data with each bicycle stating its new parts, such as, tires, grips, seat, chain, and frame size etc.

Rest assured, when you purchase a previously owned bicycle from SoCalBicycles, your not getting a worn-out or broken-down bike in need of repairs. Likewise none of our bikes have been pieced back together from bare frames or components. If you are looking for a classic beach cruiser, a great running 3 speed, an easy city commuter, or just wanting to save money on your bicycle investment, I’m sure we can help. There are many used bicycles on the market. Taking time and money, one can drive around southern California searching through dozens of used bikes. You will soon discover most, if not all, are in need of some type of repair or refurbishment. SoCalBicycles is here to make it easy on your pocket book and save you valuable time. Because we are very selective in our wholesale bicycle purchases, our inventory never becomes massive or overgrown. We do not have a lavish showroom or high-cost overhead that adds to the expense of our bicycles. Subsequently our retail prices remain very affordable and selection of models and makes, changes frequently. At SoCalBicycles you will receive a good running, dependable, ready-to-ride and fully operational bicycle for your hard-earned dollar. Our knowledge and experience in bicycle repairs and history makes us one of the most unique in the business of cycling.

You are welcome to inspect and or do a personal test ride prior to your new or used bicycle purchase. Please feel free to phone and arrange your next bicycle purchase. Thanks for visiting SoCalBicycles we look forward to doing business with you!

Customer Reviews:

“I’d really recommend getting your bike fixed here! This guy KNOWS bikes. He is honest with prices and makes friendly conversation  He has a real passion for riding.
Pretty cool that he works out of his garage. We should support our locals more. Down with expensive bike shops that cheat you out of your money!”


“I purchased a beach cruiser bike from Walmart, nice bike but the tires were wobbly to the point I could not adjust the brakes. I call Walmart the tech said he could fix this, yet when I got there he said he was not good at truing the wheels and would rather not. Well all I can say is %&#$!!!.
I found So Cal [SoCalBicycles] on Google maps and then read the review on Yelp and decided to give them a call. As the other review mentioned he works out of his home, I spoke with him on the phone to make sure he was able to true my wobbly wheel.  Extra plus I live very close to his home.
He was very nice and professional, fix my wobbly wheels for a great price and he is very knowledgeable on old bikes. Check out his website. Glad I found him. He was able to fix in the same day as I waited.”


“Don’t bother with Craigslist – go with this guy.  I bought myself the bike of my dreams for what I feel was a really good price.  He cares deeply about selling you a quality product (and spoke forlornly about the few times he bought a bike to refurbish without noticing its bent frame), and will happily educate you about the design and construction of your bike if you want to listen. Quick with emailed questions, very easy to work with – all around a great experience, and we’re lucky to have him here!”


“The high point of my weekend was a trip to a “bike store” that was actually a dude’s garage. I bought a vintage north road style bar for $15, then he proceeded to talk to me about my build for an hour. Awesome! I gained a lot of knowledge. I could tell he was loving the opportunity to geek out on bikes too. He even brought my gf & I into his house to show off his personal collection. My girl got to play with his cat while we discussed the details of a few of his restorations. Cool guy. I’m glad I used Yelp to find him. He said, “If I had an actual store I’d have to charge twice the price.”He was legit though — good selection, lots of knowledge (“install cotter pins in the crank arms in reverse directions,” “use caged bearings . . .oh wait, that old hub won’t take those.”) and personal opinion (“non-caged ball bearings suck!,” “flat bars suck!”). haha He even takes credit cards & gives receipts, so don’t be fooled by the out of house set up. I get a kick out of the hunt for parts. Usually the people who sell them are weird, in the best possible way. If I’m lucky, I’ll end up like that guy someday. I’ll definitely be heading back.”


“This business is run out of a private residence but is a great place to get information about used bikes, purchase new and used bikes, and get recommendations on bike maintenance. I found this place through an ad on craigslist and followed up by checking out the website, which had a plethora of information on what to look for when buying used bikes. He is friendly and lets you try all the bikes, which he either assembles or restores himself, on a test drive. If you are in the market for a bicycle, check him out or at least his website.”