What is a refurbished bicycle?

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While the majority of used bicycle dealers simply replace the obvious broken parts and worm-out tires before offering their bike for resale, SoCalBicycles actually refurbish all of our bikes from end-to-end.

According to Wikipedia: “The main difference between “refurbished” and “used” products is that refurbished products have been tested and verified to function properly, and are thus free of defects, while “used” products may or may not be defective.”

It is important to know there is a big difference between refurbishment, simple repairs and a complete rebuild. In most cases our bicycles have not required a rebuild, where the bike is totally disassembled and then painstakingly put back together. However in rare cases, some have required major overhauls to make needed repairs so the bicycle will again perform as it was intended by the original manufacturer. It is not uncommon, during the refurbishment process, to discover mechanical problems not visible to the naked eye. Yet each of these issues need to be addressed and repaired before we offer our bicycles for resale.

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After a general inspection of the bicycle for damaged or broken parts we perform the following work:

  • Check and adjust front and rear (wheel) hubs. Lubricate as needed.
  • Check, adjust and clean all spokes – true both wheels. Replace any damaged, broken or missing spokes if needed.
  • Check, clean and inspect wheels for damage. Replace non-matching wheels if needed.
  • Check and inspect tires and tubes, proper mounting, and inflation. Replace any damaged, or worn-out tires and or tubes.
  • Check, inspect, clean and adjust bottom bracket and crank assembly as needed. Rebuild and lube if necessary.
  • Check, inspect and lube pedals. Broken and non-matching pedals are replaced.
  • Check, inspect and adjust chain as needed. Replace stretched and/or worn-out chain. Lubricated if necessary.
  • Check, adjust and lubricate headset as needed.
  • Check, clean and inspect forks, adjust as needed.
  • Check, inspect, clean and adjust handlebars and stem as needed. Clean and lubricate stem.
  • Check, inspect and adjust all brakes as needed. Replace damaged parts as necessary.
  • Check, inspect, clean and adjust all brake levers – lube as needed.
  • Check, inspect, adjust and lubricate all brake cables as needed.
  • Check, adjust, clean and lubricate front and rear derailleur’s as needed.
  • Install kickstand if missing.
  • Replace damaged or missing handlebar grips or wrap road bike bars with new tape.
  • Clean-up frame from road dirt and or oil build-up.
  • Check, inspect, clean, lube and adjust seat post.
  • Replace and/or install any missing front or rear (red and white) reflectors.
  • Test Ride Bicycle, make any necessary or needed final adjustments.


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